Vidonn smart bracelet is a wearable smart devices, containing three-dimensional motion sensor, vibration motors.Users can record real-time exercise and slepping data etc everyday with bracelet.The wristband can be synchronized with a Bluetooth wireless smartphone or PC, to guide healthy living lifestyle. Users can know their sleeping and sporting data through to check phone application, also sharing the data, of course can add friends to interact. Users can get motion data points which used for PK with friends, exchange gifts and lottery to make much fun and entertainment.

Why do I need a sport bracelet? ● "Running our health just like as running his own business, we fight with our own inertia and bad habits all the time" . ● Or only remember the words: " Your exercise is the ultimate existence meaning of these devices no matter which device you use." ● Perhaps only through a small device to track sleeping and sports data then to know how lazy and bad sleep with himself.

Vidonn smart bracelet is a combination of internet, equipment technology and sports fitness. It broke the traditional routine that which hold the game for particular person, time and place. The band can launch game by phone and computer, inviting person to sport together at any time then change the habit. Also the sports data to be uploaded by mobile client and PC, also summary and rank to enabling the activity with friends, colleagues and companies in a virtual same platform for interactive lottery points and sports ranking, online supervision and management.

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