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0.88in Golden Ratio OLED

Splashes Waterproof

Easy Touch-Key Operation

Caller ID & Message Notifications Display

Never miss your call and Message.Incoming caller & Message notification display, check Caller ID, SMS, Twitter, Skype etc. just by simple hand raising.

Ultra-standby time, low battery alerting

Standby time 15 days, device and APP will both alert user when battery capacity is below 10%.

0.88in Golden Ratio OLED

To-the-point 0.88in OLDED screen for message watch.

Real Next-to-skin Wearing without Down Weight Feeling

Only 20g in whole.Ultra-slim host device with only 9.5mm thickness.

Easy and Simple Use Experiencing

Wireless Sync Data with both Android & iOS Smartphones

Personal Data: Clear and ClarityTendency:Data Chart of Day, Month and Year clear at a glance.

haring and compete with family and friends: add and keep a watchful eye on your family and friends, never being alone. Compete with each other to hit the sports.

Splashes Waterproof

Seamless design in whole by ultrasonic technology joint melting for enhanced waterproof.

Upgraded Motion Algorithm Version

Elaborated data collection records a sports datum per 2 minutes.

Sports monitoring

more accurate motion algorithm, collect and store a datum per 2 minutes, up to 7 days data collection, offering a much more accurate and professional data analyzing.

Smart Sleep Monitoring / Silent Alarm Clock

Slept well last night?Automatically detect sleep quality, intelligently judge sleep status: total sleeping time, deep sleep, light sleep, active and being conscious.

Read message with easy hand raising in drive看信息

Never miss your call and Message.

Smart Sleep Monitoring Silent Alarm Clock

Automatically detect sleep quality, intelligently judge sleep status: total sleeping time, deep sleep, light sleep, active and being conscious.

Easy Touch-Key Operation

Simple operation by laying a finger on.

Long-sitting alert

With pre-set time frame, user will be reminded when be sitting for too long to go exercise.

Outdoor Activity

Recording your sports distance, calories burned, to hit your daily exercise target.

Business Conference

Be punctual and on schedule, arrange your business in perfect order.

Screen Dimension:0.88in OLED

Operation: Touch key input


Battery:45mAh Li-ion polymer

Recharge: magnetic charge wire

Data transmission:BLE 4.0

Standby Time:15days

Waterproof grade: IP65

Smartphone work system: iOS9.0/ Android 4.3

Packing:Smartband x 1, Manual x1, Charge wire x1

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