Vidonn SmartBand User Quick Guide



  • 1   Display area
  • 2  Touch-key button



Please charge to activate the bracelet, then fully charge it before using, it takes about 1.5 hours.

HR monitor mode:

1.Sport: real-time dynamic heart rate monitoring, high power consumption( about 2 days);

Intelligent: detect heart rate once per 10 minutes, less power consumption( about 4 days)

Off: about 7 days

Wake up screen:

Touch the purple point on the cover and stay for 0.5 seconds, screen light up.

Repeat this action to switch display content.

Remark: the heart rate data is only for reference, can not used for medical purpose, its data may be inaccurate in follow situations: sweating wrist, too tight or loose wearing, heavy hand hairs or dark skin