Company Team:

Founded in 2013, Vidonn® Information Technology Company (Ltd) is dedicated to R&D of smart wearable devices. With years of accumulated experiences in hardware and software development, we published our Vidonn® Smart Bracelet Series since 2013. We are also independent developer of our iOS APP and Android APK, as well as the builder of cloud storage application platform, which made the combination of hardware and mobile internet technology successfully and gained widespread high praise.

How long does it take to fully charge the bracelet?

It takes one and half hours to fully charge it, and actual capacity will flash and be displayed after 30 seconds charging.

.What's the farthest valid distance of the Bluetooth?

About 7-8 indoor, 10m in wide-open area.

How many languages does the X6's notification support?

X6 adopts multi-language chip, it supports over 100 languages display.

Where is the button? What does the screen display?

It's a rhombus touch-key button beside the screen. It displays time, steps, calories, distance, notifications.Hold pressing the button for about 3 seconds, it turns into temporary mode. Do this again to turn it back to normal mode.

Why the smartphone meets the requirements of X6 but can't find it?

Some android devices can't find X6 through app directly, please search devices in “settings-bluetooth-search device”to see if it could find X6.

If it could find X6, then login into app to link the bracelet again, (this issue happens with BBK vivo smartphones currently.)

If it couldn't find X6, two possible causes:

A.The bracelet is defective, but its Bluetooth doesn't work.

B.The smartphone must be Bluetooth 4.0 or above, the operation system must be Android 4.3 above. When the system is not official Authorized Version, the smartphone isn’t compatible well with Bluetooth 4.0.

Why bracelet can't receive notifications?

Please check whether this function is on, then check “Other Settings-Notifications Source-Settings-"+" “. Add the app manually. Don’t need to add message and calling.

Why do the notifications delay?

After connected, it will sync data first, which may take few seconds or minutes, Notifications might be delayed during this period. It works well even the app works in the background.

Why still can't bracelet receive notifications even all settings are correct?

Notifications data are pushed from sources listed on the smartphones’ notification bar (except in-call and SMS). If the notification source is not (or cannot be set to be) listed on the bar, the bracelet cannot receive the notification.

There are so many modified smartphone systems under Android since it is an open system, that some of the phones with a “Notification Setting Center” in the system need you to select or allow a certain notification source to be added or listed. Only then the bracelet can receive and display the notifications.

Why bracelet doesn't show caller ID?

Please confirm whether the app have been authorized to access the “Contacts” or “Address book” of the smartphone.

Why bracelet only displays incoming calls or message of one SIM card with dual SIM cards phones?

Currently, our app only supports notifications of main SIM card’s callings and messages.

Is it real that it indicates 100% capacity after charged for half an hour?

It takes about one hour to fully charge via standard USB port ( 5v / 350ma); it will display actual capacity when is disconnected with power source.

Why bracelet vibrates when move away a certain distance from smartphone?

X6 has anti-lost function, it will vibrate to alert user when lost connection with app. The farthest distance is 10m.

Why the notifications work well except messages?

Some smartphones’ operation system doesn’t allow third party app to read messages.

When setting the notifications, why the connection lost after app work background?

This happens because of the insufficient memory, Restart the smartphone and the app will work again.

How to reset password?

Please click the link below to login into users’ center.

Then click "Configure", input the password in "registration information" under "Profile".

How to get back password?

Please click the link below.

Please input your email address (Vidonn account), and click "Get back Password".

Why the APP is in Chinese?

Please change the language setting of smartphone into English, download the app and then reset the phone back to your own language, the app will be in English.

FAQ of Firmware update

Click into Firmware Upgrade page, no changes after 10s, the button show notification in red bar( connection lost).

Please follow the steps to fix it.

A.Don’t exit the app, enter into “settings-bluetooth-search”, back to app check if connected. ( for some smartphones, the app only allowed to connect with devices after system detected the devices)

B.Turn off the Bluetooth, app will apply to open Bluetooth. (some smartphones have to restart the Bluetooth after Bluetooth connection disconnected)

Please follow the steps when device can't receive notifications:

1. Check App settings, make sure the settings are correct.

A. Turn on the notifications. 【It's a Must to tick to turn on notifications】

B. Tick "Other Settings-Notifications source" to select the App to send notification. 【No need for phone call and SMS】

2. The phone's system notification bar listed the notification, but still X6 doesn’t display notification:

A. App is running and syncing data (Notifications will be delayed when syncing data, it will display notification again when exiting app)

B. App works background, the Bluetooth is disconnected with no Bluetooth icon on display. Please restart the device.

C. App is running background, Bluetooth is connected, X6 doesn't receive notifications, please restart the phone.

D. For dual-SIM cards phones, when App is running background, Bluetooth is connected, X6 may not display notification and in-call from second SIM card, it is normal and will be solved by optimizing later.

Notifications settings are correct, quit app, X6 displays Bluetooth icon normally, still X6 can't display notifications?

It should be the abnormal smartphone's system.

Solution: Go to "System-Security-Notification Authorization"(routes varies in different smartphone systems), delete" Vidonn" and then add it again.

If still it doesn't work, restart the smartphone.