How to set alarm

App: Click "More"-"My band"-"Alarm Settings", then you can set up 8 at most.
PC: Through synchronize software, click"configure band" to setting only one

How to set sleepping time?

App:Click "More"-"My band "-"Sleep Setting";
PC: Login the website,click"Setting"-"sleeping time."

How to synchronize clock on band?

PC: Through synchronize software, click"Configure bracelet" calibrate time.
App:Time is automatically calibrated after binding smart band.

What phone does it support?

Synchronizing data with IPhone 4S,5,5S,5c iPod touch5 etc. IOS6.1 above and someandroid (Android)4.3, Bluetooth 4.0 + smart phones.

How to get the point?

Adding score

A new user login in the first time


Get 100points in the first time

Login everyday


Adding 1points everyday when logining

Reach the standard of sport


Adding one time when reach 1000 as standard, otherwise is not.Adding 100points with 10000steps.Adding 120points with 20000steps.Adding 150points with 30000steps.Adding 200points with 40000steps.Adding 200points everyday at most.

Share information


30points everyday at most

Comment share


20points everyday at most



Awarding 100points with organizing or attending in a PK



Getting 30points after approved at most

Minus score

Delete comment and image


Minus 5points when deleted by administrator

What's the point level?

Sleeping quality

Sleep quality is calculated according to the number of stand.

Turn over is poor with over 70 times

Turn over is bad with less than 70 but over 50 times

Turn over is general with than 50 but over 30times

Turn over is sleeping with less than 30 but over 10times

Turn over is deep sleep with less than 10times

Why the calories is zero?

You need to use pc to synchronize software or fill in personal height, weight and other information in your APP setting, then to facilitate the calculation data of calories.

How to search phone application of Vidonn bracelet?

You can find related phone application through search Vidonn bracelet or Vidonn in app store or Android application market.

Hong long does the electricity of host used ? how to charge?

The electricity of host can be used over four days, it can charge with a USB port by connecting computer or mobile power. It should be charged promptly when showing low battery on the screen in case of avoiding your exercise data is not recorded;